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Indie Author Friday: Sarah Zama

Teri Polen Author
26 May 2017


Day 4 of the Give in to the Feeling Blog Tour

CW Hawes Blog
21 February 2016


Interview with Sarah Zama 

Sara C. Snider Blog
1 March 2016

18 August 2015 – Author Spotlight – Sarah Zama, and Science Fiction, Flapper Style – Nine Day Wonder

26 February 2016Speakeasies and the Roaring Twenties: and Interview with Sarah Zama – Down the Rabit Hole

25 February 2016I Pay a Social Call to The Old Shelter – Atherton’s Magic Vapour

19 February 2016Interview with Sarah Zama, author of Give in to the Feeling – Sara Letourneaus’s Official Website & Blog

12 June 2016 – How I Write – Sarah Zama – Lady Nicci Blog

Guest Posts


A Writer’s Guide for the Informed Speakeasy Owner

Crime Writer Sue Coletta
23 February 2016

“Don’t get me wrong. I see quite a lot of novels set in the Twenties, most of them being family sagas and erotica. But let’s be honest, the Twenties call for crime fiction. Gangsters, bootlegging, speakeasies, flaming youth… come on!”


Shadows Again Slight: the Soul of Noir

Bard Writes Books
22 February 2016

“At its core, Dieselpunk is a genre of doubts. It rebels against what it sees, but it doubts what it’ll find beyond the rebellion.
This is something Dieselpunk as in common with a predecessors that greatly influences how these stories are recounted and thought. A predecessor coming straight out of the diesel era: film noir.”

The Object of Desire: the Voiceless Power of the Noir Femme Fatale

Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo
23 June 2017

“America in the 1940s was a time of huge social change. WWII transformed the dynamics of American society in many ways – not least, gender roles and the relationship between men and women.
In a very stylised way, drenched in darkness, mystery and anxiety, film noir reflects that epochal change.”



22 February 2016 – Guest Post: Shadows Against Light: the Soul Of Noir – Bard Writs Books

24 February 2016 – Guest Blog: Speakeasy: Roaring Twenties America in a Shot – Hope and Dreams: My Writing and My Sons

6 March 2016 – Guest Blog by Sarah Zama: Fantasy’s Love Affair with History – Woelf Diestrich Blog

2 September 2016 – The Jazz Age: Why Life Sounded Like Jazz in the 1920s – The Write Stuff

4 September 2016 – Ain’t We Have Fun: The New Woman Enters the Speakeasy – Writer’s Treasure Chest

What a publisher cannot do for you - Today, publishing is very easy, even without a publisher. Thousands of new titles become available to readers every day. This had produced a paradox: in spite of the increased possibility for discoverability, making readers aware that a title is available is harder than ever. Promoting a book has become more demanding both in terms of time and money.What a Publisher Cannot Do for You

Nicholas C. Rossis Blog
21 July 2015

Sarah Zama recently commented on y My Two Top Tips to an Aspiring Writer, offering her point of view on what a publisher cannot realistically be expected to do. I thought her comment was so interesting, that I asked her for a guest post. Happily, she obliged. Enjoy!